One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Pink


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i have been using this for a month now, so I am comfortable leaving a review. The first time I used this I absolutely loved it. It straightened my thick wavy hair, tamed the extreme frizz, added volume and shine, and it gave my layers nice definition and some curl at the ends. However, after an hour or two my hair had fallen completely flat! The volume and curls were completely gone! Not only that, I also noticed that when I sleep on my hair it starts to kink and sections of it become wavy and frizzy.This has never happened before. Before the Revlon I had been using my Solano blow dryer and round brush to straighten and style my hair for over 15 years. The blow dryer & round brush combo gets my hair straight and voluminous and the style lasts until I wash my hair. I used all the same hair products with both tools so I’m confused about why this happened. I’m wondering if the Revlon is not as powerful as my hair dryer. I suspect that even though the Revlon gets hot, it doesn’t get hot enough to hold a style.I’m so disappointed because I really want to love this. I love that it’s easier to use and more convenient than a blow dryer and round brush. I am not pleased that it doesn’t hold a style and starts to kink up. Has this happened to any of you? Overall I wouldn’t recommend this if you want something that will hold your style

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One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Pink

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